Our initiatives for inclusion

We are committed to promoting an organisational approach based on understanding, respect and enhancement of differences (in terms of gender, age, orientation, disability, ethnicity, skills, socio-economic status, political stance, religion or other beliefs, and so on) for each person within our company, with a view to sharing and expanding viewpoints, as well as developing skills, talent and physical and intellectual energies of each individual.

“Each of us has a unique mix of diversity. The aim of Diversity and Inclusion Management is to fully enhance and utilise the contribution that each person can make to achieving the corporate objectives and better equip the organisation in facing the challenges and uncertainty arising from the global market.”

Ferrovie dello Stato Group’s Code of Ethics, February 2018

For the inclusion of all types of diversity

Our differences are a source of innovation and inspiration that allow us to generate new ideas and put them at the service of the company to achieve the objectives of the business plan. This is why we have taken the action and implemented initiatives for inclusion to improve our corporate reality. 

Code of Conduct

A code for integration and non-discrimination in the workplace that pursues recognition, the enhancement of and respect for differences, as well as decisive obstruction of all forms of marginalisation by any FS Group employees.


InclusivaMENTE is the project that includes change management pathways aimed towards all employees in learning to recognise and mitigate stereotypes that affect — even subconsciously — each person’s choices, behaviours and leadership style. The FS Group is engaged in an in-house awareness campaign, with digital pathways and HR training on inclusion matters.

Action on Gender

In line with strategies for enhancing diversity and, in particular, supporting women’s leadership, the FS Group has enacted a range of initiatives to foster the inclusion of categories more typically exposed to unconscious bias and to support them on paths of empowerment and integration into more challenging organisational positions. One example is Obiettivo % Donne Manager, a project with which FS Italiane engages in the promotion of a greater female presence in management positions within the company.

Women in Motion

The Women in Motion project aims to promote women’s careers in technical areas and professional sectors that have been predominantly filled by men to date.

With the support of women employed in the technical areas, our Group visits high schools, colleges and universities to present the technical trades offered by FS, to inform students about relative job prospects and provide them with the necessary tools to make conscious decisions and to best express their potential and talent.

Female Empowerment

  • Associazione Valore D:  the FS Group is a supporting member of “Valore D”, an association of large companies created to support inclusion within the company. Valore D offers skill-building seminars to support women through targeted training initiatives, laboratories and knowledge-sharing meetings for experts in human resources, inter-company mentoring paths and programmes of excellence for executive levels.
  • Thematic seminars on female talent: these courses aim to accompany women on a journey of discovery and observation regarding the distinctive characteristics of women as models, with their positive and negative repercussions, to recognise them, identify them in one’s self and enhance them.
  • Internal mentoring pathways for women middle managers: a project designed to foster the inclusion of categories more typically exposed to unconscious bias and to support them on paths of empowerment, to help women take direct responsibility over their career and learn to manage it positively.

Women in transport- EU Platform for Change

With only 22% of women at a European level, the transport sector is not gender balanced. The European Union and the European Transport Commission (Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies) have founded Women in Transport - EU Platform for Change to promote better balance thanks to the sharing of best practices amongst adherents. FS Italiane, amongst the leading members of the Platform, is recognised as the company most committed to promoting an improvement in women’s employment, thanks to the May 2019 publication on the Platform of the Women in Motion project, evaluated by the European Commission as an example of a corporate path of excellence aimed at overcoming stereotypes regarding technical careers.

Women's Emporment Principles – UN Women

In March 2020, the Group formally joined WePS (Women’s Empowerment Principles) established by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of WOMEN (UN Women), through which the Company aims to enhance and promote the presence of and equal opportunities for women with respect to the workplace, the market and the community through which the Organisation operates. There are seven empowerment principles covering both the achievement of quantitative (increasing female presence in the leadership pipeline; measuring and monitoring the development of female presence in the Company) and qualitative objectives (promoting the training and development of women’s skills, improving workplace health and safety, supporting human rights and the condemnation of any form of discrimination, adopting approaches such as in marketing that transmit empowerment to women, supporting advocacy and communicating initiatives on the theme of female empowerment).


Team coaching pathways to support new mothers: a maternity training and development programme involving both mums and their managers in the company.

Colleagues who are mothers themselves and their respective managers work together to raise awareness regarding everyone’s maternity-related needs, reflecting together on how best to employ within a professional context the skills acquired or simply strengthened thanks to this personal experience.

An online course aimed at all mums and dads in the FS Group with children aged 0 to 3 years, combining digital life experiences, in an effective and engaging format to transform parenthood into a specialisation course focused on skills that are key to professional growth.