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The FS Italiane Group believes that an organisation’s long-term success is built on a strategy that prioritises the protection of natural balances. The FS Italiane Group’s greatest contribution to the creation of an environmentally sustainable development model is that it offers the countries in which it operates a mode of transport that maximises the benefits of sustainable mobility.

Protecting the environment

  • Rated “A-” by the carbon disclosure project on climate change
  • Included CO2 emission performance targets in the remuneration policy for top managers
  • Introduced 20 hydrogen buses into the vehicle fleet in groningen, the netherlands
  • saved over 100,000 TCO2 by purchasing green energy for the entire energy consumption of the road network
  • Consolidate the Group’s environmental rating
  • Define medium-term targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Continue to develop hydrogen technology
  • Develop railway network electrification projects

Sustainable supply chain

  • The Group is banking on a green overhaul to get transport up and running again after COVID-19 and to stimulate tourism and the Italian economy. It called for tenders for contracts worth roughly €20 billion in railway and road infrastructure in 2020
  • Over €13.2 billion in payments made in 2020, 89% of which related to direct suppliers based in Italy that directly or indirectly generate income and job opportunities in the Country
  • The Group was responsible for over 45% of public tenders in 2020
  • Assessed 591 suppliers using the Group’s self-assessment questionnaire and the EcoVadis assessment platform
  • Issued group guidelines to promote sustainable procurement channels
  • Continue working to improve the supply chain’s sustainability performance while reducing environmental and social risks
  • Develop new internal tools (methodologies, algorithms, information systems) to assess and check the sustainability profile of financial operators and suppliers

Last update: Sustainability Report 2020

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Lorenzo Radice

In charge of Sustainability