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We strive every day to improve our environmental performance. We intend to satisfy the transport requirements of people and goods, by proposing a transport system based on the railway and integrated by the other players in the field of collective and sustainable mobility.

By taking advantage of transport by rail, the backbone of sustainable mobility, we intend to create an integrated and intermodal system that, as well as responding to customer requirements, has the smallest possible impact on the environment. Fs Italiane aims to create synergies between players, technologies and infrastructures in order to facilitate the shift towards more efficient and less polluting methods of transport for passengers and goods.

Thanks to a constant process of actions, monitoring and assessments, the companies in the Group translate the environmental orientation strategy into autonomous performance improvement paths, maximising the environmental advantages related to their activities and insisting, in particular, on the rational use of resources, on the reduction of CO2 emissions and of other pollutant  substances and in general on the reduction of the ecological footprint.

The Results of 2018

  • Group Environmental Policy renewed.
  • Finalized the Guideline for the application of the Life Cycle Assessment to railway infrastructure projects.
  • Development of projects with openBIM (Building Information Modeling) solutions.
  • Application of the Envision protocol, the first rating system to design and implement sustainable infrastructures.
  • The methodology for assessing the sustainability of services in freight transport was developed.
  • Implemented "sleeping" mode on Jazz trains, for noise reduction and energy absorption when parked.
  • Introduced on the Qlink Green electric bus line, the first e-buses that were put into service in the northern part of the Netherlands.
  • Participation in Railsponsible, which brings together the leading companies in the railway industry with the aim of promoting sustainable purchases.
  • The Supply Chain Sustainable Management project started to improve supply chain performance.
  • Awarded at the 2018 Procurement Awards for the "Ethical and Sustainable Purchases" category.

The Goals for 2019

  • Definition of a tool to plan and manage dialogue with the local context during the different phases of the life cycle of an infrastructure.
  • Conclusion of the DYNAMAP project: development of an acoustic mapping system to measure the impact of road infrastructure.
  • Progressive electric conversion of the fleet of company service vehicles.
  • Training aimed at improving the driving of road vehicles in terms of reducing consumption.
  • Extension of ISO 14001: 2015 certification to 4 other stations of the Grandi Stazioni (Main Stations) network.
  • Start-up of photovoltaic systems at workshops and plants of OMC Vicenza, IMC AV Rome S. Lorenzo and IMC Napoli Centrale.
  • Activation of photovoltaic systems at some offices in Verona and Genoa.
  • Improve the sustainability performance of the supply chain.
  • Establish a task force for the implementation of the Supply Chain Sustainable Management project, involving all Group companies.

Last update: Sustainability Report 2018

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Lorenzo Radice

In charge of Sustainability