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29 March 2023
The launch of the Take Your Time project. The group’s four hubs as portrayed by contemporary art

Take Your Time. Art enters a New Time. The FS Italiane Group’s artistic project to tell and reinterpret, through contemporary art, the innovation and transformation of the Group’s four new business hubs – Infrastructure, Passenger, Logistics and Urban.

28 February 2023
FS Italiane: New Board Resolution on 2023 funding instruments

The Board of Directors of FS Italiane approved today the issuance of new EMTN bonds and other medium/long-term funding instruments up to a total maximum amount of Eur 3.1 billion to cover the needs of the FS Group.

6 February 2023
Milano Centrale, information totem inaugurated on Track 21 to remember the victims of the Shoah

Joint Ministry of Culture, FS Italiane Group and Milan Shoah Memorial Project as part of the Day of Remembrance initiatives. The totem contains a video message from the senator for life, Liliana Segre.

km of rails

and 32,000 km of national road and motorway network

21.5 billion
passengers/km on rail
21.9 billion
tonnes/km on rail