Through a process to integrate the traditional rail transport business with those of road and metropolitan mobility in Italy and abroad, the FS Group aims to become an international mobility company, in line with the strategic objectives.

In recent years, a series of initiatives has been launched, aimed at integrated mobility for passenger and freight transport along with assistance to regional transport travellers.

The Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group steps forward as an operator able to accompany travellers throughout their journey, from their front door to their final destination, adapting to the varying needs of collective mobility.

Integrated mobility for passengers

Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group intends to no longer put itself forward as a rail operator but as an operator which can accompany travellers from their doorways up to their destination, and which can adapt to the various different needs of collective mobility.

Currently 80% of people get around using private vehicles, 15% use shared methods or public transport and just 5% use railway services. So as to rebalance the shift in methods between rail and road, the group has determined that it will renew 450 trains used for regional services and purchase 3000 buses

A fleet of regional trains under renovation

On the regional transport front, the new Rock and Pop trains are part of the recent fleet renewal project. More comfortable, more sustainable, and more accessible, the new trains, currently under construction, have been commissioned by Trenitalia to Hitachi Rail Italy and Alstom, respectively. The new regional train fleets - a total of 300 Rock and 150 Pop - make up the supply of 450 new convoys for an order worth over 4 billion euros which, for its economic value and number of trains, is unprecedented in Italy. Trains will be delivered beginning is spring 2019.

The new trains are 95% recyclable and will allow, starting in 2019, convoys with higher energy performance, allowing a reduction of energy consumption equal to 30% compared to previous models. The FS Italiane Group's performance was recently recognized by the financial market with the signing of the first green bond issued by a railway operator for the purchase of new trains, both for regional transport and for high-speed trains.

The renewal of the bus fleet

In the area of collective transport by road, the Busitalia Sita Nord bus fleet is being renewed with the purchase of Euro 6 motorized vehicles equipped with construction technologies and devices able to guarantee low energy consumption and increase load capacity, obtaining a substantial reduction of emissions of leachate and nitrogen oxides, compared to those of the previous generation, in addition to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions.

Integrated transport services for travellers

The 2017-2026 Business Plan not only includes the upgrading of high-speed services and regional transport, but also the growth of FrecciaLink connections, the integrated service of Trenitalia Frecce + bus, as well as the partnership with car sharing services, such as Enjoy, and bike sharing in different cities (Bicincittà in Turin and Padua, Clear Channel in Milan and Verona) in order to reduce travel by private motor vehicles. Recently, Umbria.GO was founded, the first model of integration between the various carriers of the FS Italiane Umbrian regional group. Also in the name of integrated mobility, in June 2018 a new driver car rental service was launched to and from major Italian cities. The service is the result of the collaboration between Trenitalia and Your Personal James.

Mercitalia Rail and TX Logistik have acquired 125 new electric locomotives for a total investment of around 400 million euroMercitalia Intermodal and Mercitalia Rail have acquired 250 new wagons for a total investment of around 27 million euro. The first deliveries are scheduled for 2018.

In August 2018, a codeshare agreement was signed between Trenitalia and Emirates that will allow you to travel integrating train and plane with a single ticket. There are 27 Italian railway stations that have become part of the global Emirates network.

Polo Mercitalia

In the freight and logistics sector, the strategy being implemented is to maximize the benefits of intermodal transport through Polo Mercitalia, which has the role of revitalizing Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group's goods business by developing integrated solutions that make it possible to enhance railway transport. The main objectives include contributing to the goals set forth in the "White Paper 2011 - A roadmap to a single European transport area - for a competitive and sustainable transport policy” including the transfer of a share of the transport of goods by road for distances greater than 300 km to other transport modes (railways, waterways, etc.) equal to 30% by 2030 and 50% by 2050.

Expanding the naval fleet

March 2022 saw the inauguration in the port of Messina of Iginia, the new ship with a green footprint developed by the Rete Ferroviaria Italiana. Iginia, which offers train, passenger and freight services between Messina and Villa San Giovanni, joins RFI’s fleet of ships with Messina, Villa, Scilla and the ships of its subsidiary BluferriesSikania, inaugurated last year, its twin Trinacria, in service since 2018, along with Enotria, Fata Morgana and Riace.

Iginia’s green technology 

The economic investment totals 57 million euro, 7 million of which is funded by Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) for green technology.

Iginia’s propulsion system is also ensured by batteries recharged with solar panels already installed on the ship or by shore power sockets in the slipway.

In addition, innovative bilge water and sewage treatment systems are on board to ensure a more effective reduction in polluting emissions. Innovative technologies then allow zero CO₂ and greenhouse gas emissions, both in port and during entry and exit manoeuvres. Iginia has obtained ‘Green Plus’ certification – the highest certificate in the field of sustainability – from the Registro Italiano Navale (Italian Naval Register), confirming the FS Group’s commitment to the environment.