The Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane blog, with a new look and renewed content,

shares the stories of a railway universe that is constantly on the go.

Stories in which the train is protagonist, the “physical” social network par excellence.


Sustainability, proximity tourism, Made in Italy, innovation, as an intrinsic part of the Italian economic system. These are just some of the valuable stories told in the words of the young ambassadors of the FS Group in #FacciamoSquadra, the new digital project that – in the wake of 2020’s #LePersoneeilFare format – continues the narration along the tracks of storydoing and storyliving.

The fil rouge is intertwined with the great passion, pride, commitment and work put in each day by these young protagonists of the FS universe. Working to create shared value in support of communities and the country. With their sights firmly fixed on the future.

Grafica: logo di #FacciamoSquadra

Photo: #lePersoneeilFare


Amongst the new columns is a digital communication project, hot off the press and quite informal, that will have a dedicated space on #RailPost each week. Talented young people share first-hand the commitment and passion they put into their work every day. Each time, a different narrating voice will add to the composition of a colourful mosaic that is the FS Group.

#LePersoneeilFare came in amongst the top fifty schemes from the assessment board for the Diversity Brand Index 2021 which measures the level of inclusion at brands according to companies’ real commitment to Diversity&Inclusion: “It is a project that highlights how a diversity of talents can make innovation possible, and reinforce the coherence between the interior and exterior.


Stories, journeys, faces in one click. The Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane photoblog focuses on architectural and artistic beauties, snapshots of landscapes taken from the window and, above all, the lives of those crossing paths between departures and arrivals. 

Over 14,000 shots posted on Instagram with the hashtag #RailwayHeart and the four inspiring themes: People, At Work, Places and In Viaggio.


A space dedicated to the FS Group’s new digital project that gives the floor to experts in sustainable tourism, innovation, shared mobility and green engagement.

The first to come on board with great enthusiasm was Mario Tozzi, a geologist and science communicator who has been helping us to better understand the challenges awaiting us in regards to the environment.


The stories of those opting for the train as a means of transport for work, necessity or leisure are at the heart of this photoblog.

Italian FS employees and passengers aboard the train were interviewed about the value of the train in their lives. Because travelling whilst gazing out the window is a bit like taking a trip inside ourselves. 


Amongst the new columns are bloggers, influencers and travel-lovers tout court to share their experiences around Italy.

There are countless inimitable locations, picturesque places and destinations to be rediscovered – all reachable aboard the train, one of more environmentally-sustainable means of collective transport.