In 2019, the operating revenues of the FS Italiane Group reached €12,4 billion, with an overall increase of €363 million from 2018 (up 3.0%).

EBITDA grew to €2.6 billion with an EBITDA Margin of 21.0%. EBIT grew to €829 million in 2019, with an EBIT Margin of 6.7%.

The net profit reached €584 million at the end of 2019, compared to €559 million for the previous year, showing a percentage increase of 4.5%.

The Group has further improved its high level of financial strength, with equity of over €42.3 billion at the end of 2019 (up €0.6 billion from 2018).

The Net Financial Position reached €7.7 billion in 2019 increasing over €1 billion from 31st December 2018. The Standard & Poor’s and Fitch BBB ratings reflect the Group’s financial solidity.

Once again, the FS Italiane Group has strongly pursued the main goals of its strategic plan with a greater commitment to the passenger transport business in 2019. The introduction of new services with an increased focus on local and regional transport (technical investments of €888 million) marked the renewal of a customer-centric approach. Trenitalia, which signed new service contracts with Italian regions, is committed to ensuring higher customer satisfaction levels by offering better rail services, through the revamping and restyling of the fleet.

Source: 2019 Annual Report Highlights