Chief Risk Officer

Born in 1967 in Rome, he is now married with two children. He graduated with honours in Economics and Business and is a qualified accountant and auditor. He began his professional career in corporate consultancy in 1993.

Between late 1994 and 2000, he worked at Cofiri Sim SpA as a trader in the foreign exchange and interest rate market.

Towards the end of that year, he joined the MPS Group covering Risk Management, Planning and Management Control for the subsidiary, Montepaschi Finance SpA. 

In this role, he helped with the start-up of this bank, coordinating the creation of roles under his responsibility, both in terms of processes and operating systems, while personally developing the financial control IT system (P&L validation, price verification, monitoring operational proxies, operational and managerial reporting, etc.).

In September 2006, he became head of Risk Management at the MPS Group, overseeing the monitoring of all risk factors. 
He ensured that this banking group’s internal credit and operating risk models were validated and implemented the integrated detection system for all company risks in terms of the quantification of economic capital.

In 2014, he took over responsibility for controlling the Group’s credit exposure and validating its risk models.

In September 2016, he joined the State Railway where he was appointed as Chief Risk Officer.