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nugo S.p.A is the start-up designed to promote collective integrated door-to-door mobility as an alternative to the use of private vehicles.

This service platform facilitates the planning, information and sales services for multimodal travel solutions within a single transaction across digital channels, being totally paperless.

The application offers travel solutions that include local public transport (subway and above-ground lines), trains, ferries, taxis, car- and bike-sharing. There is also the option to purchase sightseeing tours and car rental services, along with reserving parking in the railway station rest areas.

The tool also works as a ticket office for specific services connected to mobility throughout the Italian territory.

In order to simplify the trip-planning and subsequent purchase process as well as to broaden the product and service offering, nugo is constantly updating its strategy for implementing new features and integrating additional partners

Chief Executive Officer: Renzo Iorio 


Board of Directors

Board Chairman: Antonello Lupo

Chief Executive Officer: Renzo Iorio

Board Members: Elisabetta Pattumelli

Supervisory council

Chairman: Maria Giovanna Basile

Statutory auditors: Aurelio MarinelliLuca Provaroni

Substitute statutory auditors: Gessica MagistriStefano Poretti