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Polo Mercitalia is the group of FS Italiane Group companies operating in the freight transport and logistics business.

Polo Mercitalia was founded in 2017 and is now comprised of seven companies: Mercitalia Logistics, the group leader specialised in enhancing real estate assets of a logistics destination and in integrated logistics activities; Mercitalia Rail, the largest goods railway company in Italy and one of the main ones in Europe; TX Logistik, the third largest railway freight company in Germany, operating throughout several European countries; Mercitalia Intermodal, the largest combined road/rail transport operator in Italy and the third in Europe; Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal, the Italian “champion” in first and last mile railway activities and one of the largest inland terminal operators in Italy; Mercitalia Maintenance, specialised in the maintenance of railway wagons; and TerAlp  (Terminal AlpTransit), specialised in the construction of avantgarde terminal infrastructures.

The creation of an integrated group of companies for freight transport and logistics will optimize services, within a coordinated and synergetic operating model, allowing the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group to be competitive and to have a more relevant position in the market.

Mercitalia Group turns over around a billion Euros a year, employing about 5.000 people and has a fleet of around 26.000 wagons and nearly 700 locomotives. Important investments will be made over the next ten years: rollingstock will be modernised and expanded (wagons and electric locomotives for both the domestic and European markets); and three latest-generation intermodal terminals will be built in Milan, Brescia and Piacenza in order to fully exploit the freight traffic increase between Italy and the rest of Europe allowed by the new transalpine lines across Switzerland. Significant investment will also be made in information technology and safety systems, as well as strategic acquisitions of companies so as to grow the business at both a national and international level.

The strategies that Mercitalia Group will deploy to compete in the European logistics and freight transport market will concentrate on the large transport transalpine rail Corridors to/from Italy, the main rail backbones connecting northern and southern Italy, interconnection between the min areas of economic activity and the largest ports some important traffic routes between industrial and commercial centres in Europe our country and the European countries where we decide to operate enlargement of our presence on the value chain, both up and downstream from rail traction.

Mercitalia Group

Mercitalia Rail Srl, 100% owned by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, is the society dedicated to rail freight. It operates in Italy and abroad by promoting, implementing and managing every initiative and service in the field of rail transport of goods, including any instrumental activities, complementary and connected.


Corporate bodies

Board of Directors

Board Chairman: Flavio Nogara

Chief Executive Officer: Maria Annunziata Giaconia

Board members: Valeria Casizzone, Rosario Gaetano, Laura Salvini

Supervisory Council

Chairman: Roberto Serrentino

Statutory auditor: Maria Cristina Moretti

Statutory auditor: Pietro Floriddia

Substitute statutory auditor: Simona Passarelli

Substitute statutory auditor: Federico Ragnini



Chief Executive Officer: Maria Annunziata Giaconia

Administration, Finance and Control Department: Vincenzo Marcedula

Human Resource and Organisation Department: Maria Annunziata Giaconia (ad interim)

Information Technology Department: Pier Paolo Argiolas

Technical Department: Enrico Paoletti

Operation Department: Emanuele De Santis

Commercial Department: Gianpiero Strisciuglio

Purchase Department: Rocco Maurizio Romano

Mercitalia Logistics is the company of Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane that offers integrated logistics and asset development solutions to efficiently and effectively answer the requests for freight mobility of the national and international market, and as such contribute to the strategic positioning of the Group.

The offer of Mercitalia Logistics solidifies into logistics integrated with services that include goods deposit, handling and order management from the production premises to the large-scale retail channel consumer market, and developing its real estate.
The company has logistics infrastructures throughout Italy. Mercitalia Logistics is present on the market with its own Business Units.

It deals mainly with large institutional clients (BU Omniaexpress) and the distribution logistics of fast-moving consumer goods.

To contact Mercitalia Logistics, send an email to

Mission and strategies

Integration, systemic vision, synergy, optimisation of resources and service quality are the key words that direct the mission towards three main objectives:

  • to improve and develop the service offer;
  • to create a logistics network that is functional for railway transport, in partnership with national and international logistics operators;
  • to create the conditions needed to compete with European competitors.

Corporate bodies

Board of Directors


Managing Director: Marco Gosso

Board Members: Serafino Lo Piano, Wanda Ternau, Vittoria Iezzi

Board of Auditors

Chairman:  Angelica Mola

Statutory auditors: Pierluigi PaceCesare Carassai

Substitute statutory auditors: Monica Petrella, Gaetano Rebecchini

The new company, made up of Mercitalia Rail and Lucchini RS (Lucchini RS Group), will build and operate at the Milan intermodal shunting yard – near the new terminal to be built by TerAlp (Polo Mercitalia) – one of the most advanced in Europe. 

The Mercitalia Maintenance workshop, built and managed by combining industry 4.0 principles, will be highly industrialised and equipped with state-of-the-art production lines to meet most of Polo Mercitalia’s wagon maintenance needs and those of other customers.

Mercitalia Rail and Lucchini RS are leading companies in their respective industrial sectors with a high level of technical expertise in the management and maintenance of railcars.

Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal manages centres equipped for intermodal transport, even at the service of interports or similar structures, and it also carries out terminal services, manages the transport of third-party freight and products in general using tank containers, containers, cisterns, rail tankers and railway carriages.

Mercitalia Intermodal is one of the largest European operators that manages, organises and markets Combined Rail-Road Transport services. Mercitalia Intermodal works both nationally and internationally, managing a network of trains that connects more than 150 intermodal terminals located throughout Europe

Established in 1999 at Bad Honnef, TX LOGISTIK is today one of the largest railway transport companies in Europe. It designs transport networks without “boundaries”, and develops personalised freight transport solutions from A to Z.

TerAlp (Terminal AlpTransit Srl) produces and manages freight railway terminals in Northern Italy with the purpose of developing – within areas in the heart of the existing railway stops of Milano Smistamento and Brescia, currently the property of Mercitalia Logistics – front running intermodal terminals dedicated to the unaccompanied combined transport of freight and equipped with rail-rail and rail-road transfer systems of the Intermodal Transport Units (Unità di Trasporto Intermodale (UTI).