Foto: FS Sistemi Urbani

Wholly owned by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane S.p.A., FS Sistemi Urbani has the task of adding value to the assets of the FS Group that are not functional to railway operations, and of carrying out integrated urban services based on the principles of business, rationalisation, functional improvement and community service.

FS Sistemi Urbani carries out a host of real estate and service activities including:

  • the study, promotion, implementation and management of real estate development and valorisation processes with special focus on stations, nodal and transport infrastructure and the assets available on behalf of the companies of the FS Group;
  • analysis and management of car parks and stopping areas for means of transport of any kind;
  • management and maintenance of areas and buildings for public and private use. 

The promotion of transport intermodal programmes and development of projects for the enhancement of the service industry of economic and social importance.

Board of Directors 

Board Chairman: Carlo De Vito

Chief Executive Officer: Umberto Lebruto

Board member: Antonella D’Andrea

Board member: Paola Firmi

Board member: Giovanni Rotella

Supervisory council

Chairman: Ennio Celio Luglio

Statutory auditor: Liliana Giordano

Statutory auditor: Simona Passarelli

Substitute statutory auditor: Giorgia Carrarese

Substitute statutory auditor: Federico Ragnini

Chief Executive Officer: Umberto Lebruto

Administration, Finance, Planning, Control and ICT: Sergio Salvio

Legal, Corporate Affairs and Compliance: Antonio Favaretti

Internal auditing: Piero Matriciani

Marketing and Commercial Policies: Egle Bianco

Transversal Contracts, Management System and Sustainability: Serena Martini

Local Authority Liaison Officer: Stefano Imbruglia

Lombardia Area: Giuseppe Savoia

Center and North-East Area: Alessandro Maculani

North-West and Center Area: Giovanni Visconti

Central Area: Nicola Madonna

Sud and Islands Area: Tommaso Diomaiuta

Metropark offers people integrated-mobility and parking solutions according to a customer-oriented service approach. It manages 75 parking areas in the main railway stations, operating under the control of FS Sistemi Urbani, the company of the FS Group entrusted with the task of enhancing the real estate assets and develop community services. 

The fifteen years of experience in designing and creating parking areas all over Italy make Metropark a strategic operator in the sector, also contributing to the programme to improve the services provided at stations, where the Ferrovie dello Stato Group has invested heavily in the last few years.