Foto: Busitalia

Busitalia - Sita Nord operates local transport services throughout Veneto, Tuscany, Umbria and Campania, which it manages directly or through subsidiaries.

Recently, the company also acquired Qbuzz, the third-ranked local public transport operator in the Netherlands, operating throughout the areas of Utrecht and Groningen-Drenthe.

In addition to urban, suburban and rural road connections, Busitalia manages other modes of transport, including Padua’s tramway, the former Ferrovia Centrale Umbra, navigation on Lake Trasimeno and alternative mobility in the cities of Umbria, along with certain free-market lines.

Busitalia is also involved in the management of City Sightseeing in Florence, Venice and Naples and - through its subsidiary Busitalia Rail Service - organises substitute and integrative services for rail travel throughout the national territory (including FrecciaLink connections) on behalf of Trenitalia.

Management Board

Board Chairman with proxies: Paolo Colombo

Chief Executive Officer: 

Board members: Carolina Lussana, Francesca Serra, Paolo Attanasio

Supervisory council

Board Chairman: Gerardo Longobardi

Statutory auditor: Silvana Amadori

Statutory auditor: Mauro Marchionni

Substitute statutory auditor: Barbara Molle

Substitute statutory auditor: Luca Provaroni

Chief Executive Officer: 

Administration and Finance: Sabrina Lai

Purchasing and Spending analysis: Gianluca Cocci

Legal Department: Guido Santocono

Planning, Budget, Control and Investments: Antonio Ciarlo

Bus maintenance and integrated management system: Paolo Ghezzi

Information Technology: Daniele Diaz (ad interim)

Strategic planning, markets development, innovation and sustainability: Daniele Diaz

Human Resource and Organisation: Noemi Pantile

Tuscany Regional Passengers Division: Stefano Bonora

Umbria Regional Passengers Division: Velio Del Bolgia