Foto: Anas

Anas is an innovative, efficient and transparent joint-stock company that operates on a national and international level with Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane as its sole shareholder. Anas is also subject to the auditing and technical-operative supervision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

The company has over 6,000 employees, many of which are road operators, engineers and architects.

Anas manages over 30,000 km of Italy’s national road and motorway network, with projects aiming to expand and develop this network and infrastructural investment plans of approximately 3 billion Euro per year.

Thanks to the substantial experience accrued in over 80 years of activity and the company’s skilled personnel, Anas has expanded the range of services it offers, providing support to public entities and spurring roadway design, construction and maintenance — in Italy and abroad.

The company's goal is to ensure the territorial continuity of its road network and an ever safer and more efficient viability, in accordance with estimated time and costs, through investments in research and the use of innovative technologies and materials. Anas also is accustomed to work in difficult conditions, due to Italy’s geological complexity. An example? The 2,000 tunnels managed by the company represent half of the galleries that exist in Europe.

Through a network of 20 Regional Monitoring Centres, a National Monitoring Centre and a fleet of over 1,000 vehicles equipped with cameras and GPS, Anas also continuously monitors its roadway infrastructure to ensure safety and the smooth flow of traffic, while coordinating the activities of its operating personnel.

More in detail: in Italy Anas manages over 26,000 km of roads and motorways and recently started a recovery plan that includes over 6,000 km of regional and provincial roads. As a consequence its network will soon expand and include over 30,000 kilometers of roads and motorways, efficiency will increase and a more rational road section management will be ensured.

The company’s objective is to strengthen Italy’s strategic infrastructure, improve access to urban centres and upgrade and develop intermodal connections. Anas also wants to lead the country towards the digital transformation of its road infrastructures, in order to provide services that facilitate mobility, comfort and the monitoring process of road works.

Board of Directors

Board Chairman: Edoardo Valente

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director: Aldo Isi

Board member: Antonella D’Andrea, Maria Cristina Giangiacomo, Carlo Palasciano Villamagna

Supervisory Council

Chairman: Antonella Bientinesi 

Statutory auditors: Marianna TognoniGiovanni Desantis

Substitute statutory auditor: Luca RodinòSimona Passarelli

Chief Executive Officer and General Manager: Aldo Isi 

Human Resource and Organisation Department: Diego Giacchetti

Audit: Alessandra Vari

Director of Media and Institutional Affairs: Grazia Maria Rita Pofi

Director of Procurement and Purchasing: Paolo Veneri

ICT Director: Mauro Giancaspro

Legal and Corporate Director: Nicola Rubino

Director of Corporate Safety and Security: Roberto Massi

Director of Design and Construction: Eutimio Mucilli

Director of Operation and Territorial Coordination: Giuseppe Matteo Castiglioni

Director of Engineering and Audit: Luca Bernardini

Director of Administration, Finance, Planning and Audit: Antonio De Sanctis

Director of International: Renzo Iorio

Territorial Coordination Structures: 16