83,000 people, women and men who work for the country each day in the name of innovation and sustainability.

We chose 100 of these individuals to create the first digital community that shares the story of the FS Group and its four business hubs: Infrastructure, Passenger, Logistics, Urban. A reality comprised of people, sustainability, digitisation and constant dialogue with the territory.

#100AmbassadorxFS is Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane’s digital sharing project showcasing the stories, faces, passions and emotions of FS Ambassadors and Digital Influencers. Stay tuned.

Our Ambassadors

The power of communication

The Press Office is the domain of Claudia, originally from Abruzzo but in Rome since her university days. Her passion for journalism and writing is at the service of the #100AmbassadorxFS project.

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People’s well-being and social harmony

Caring for others. A pivotal point for Elisabetta, 34, from Sicily, in the #100AmbassadorxFS team.

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Our stories

Un Tempo Nuovo to... be part of the change

The feeling that time has stopped and we are within an open parenthesis, which we can’t wait to close and return to our former life.

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Un Tempo Nuovo to... look towards the future with courage

Two years have passed; years in which our lives have continued to move forward, at times anaesthetised by silence, emptiness, by dilated time.

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